Complete CPAP management

Personalised digital healthcare for patients, clinicians and equipment suppliers.

How it Works

SleepHalo™ makes managing sleep apnea and CPAP thearpy easier than ever before.

If you’re new to therapy or an experienced hand, SleepHalo™ can help every night so you can enjoy every day.


Connect the Dynomed sensor to your CPAP machine. 


Share with your sleep clinician and equipment provider.


Enjoy quality therapeutic sleep & feel amazing with the results. 

CPAP Patients

Supported insights for CPAP’s users to optimise therapy. By knowing the correct questions to ask, you will achieve the outcomes you need. CPAP therapy is so much easier and offers amazing results when you just know how.

Sleep Health Professionals

Our remote management tools ease workflows for clinical staff. SleepHalo™ reduces the burden of care with patients common compliance issues and frees up more time to work with new patients and those with complex issues.