Connolly Blanchard Hospital and the team in the sleep respiratory department in collaboration with Irish healthcare start-up Dynomed have begun recruiting people with sleep apnoea. Individuals sought should be compliant users of CPAP therapy and be free to offer one night of their time in an evaluation study of Dynomed new CPAP management and optimisation software.

Studies will commence from early January 2020 and will involve volunteers offering one night of their time to the study. By participating in this study it is hoped that a novel and more effective way to manage CPAP therapy for those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea will be developed.

Dynomed is a digital health and services company, providing specialist services in the management of respiratory illnesses, in particular, remote sleep therapies using Positive Airways Pressure devices (“PAPs”).

Dynomed leverage cloud-based computing analytics that from data recorded directly from Dynomed’s proprietary developed IoT sensor technology. These analytics and subsequent interventions are used to improve the therapeutic compliance and outcomes of people who need to use PAP medical devices. Dynomed’s technology and service is focused on improving patient outcomes in real time and in a personalised way.

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