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CPAP therapy can be difficult.
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We’re not concerned which CPAP device is being used. We care about the best possible outcome.

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Pro-active, personalised and data-driven insights for CPAP users and their care team. Designed to optimise outcomes and ensure effective PAP therapy adherence.

Why Dynomed?

Evidence-based science for CPAP management. Dynomed improve the outcomes and adherence of people undergoing CPAP therapy.

CPAP is one of the most successful methods for treating sleep apnea worldwide and the benefits are numerous and include:

  • Quality Restful Sleep
  • ​Better Cardiovascular Health
  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety
  • Improved Focus
  • Increased Energy
  • Reduced Food Cravings
  • Healthy Weight Maintenance​
  • Increased Libido

Want a great nights sleep every night?

If you’re interested in how Dynomed can help you and optimise your CPAP treament.